Healing not only myself but also others

An interview on the project is coming up soon

When I decided to heal myself with the "Four Important Steps for healing MCS", the wish to help others popped up immediately. Since I had the comfort of growing up english speaking, it was no problem for me to reach the information’s I needed. If it comes to the German research... hardly any Information’s. (Especially on YouTube) So I decided something had to be done for the German MCS sick. Having a strong man beside me brought me here, many suffer in silence and are completely isolated. Almost all of us end up losing our job, many of us end up either on the street or decide to take their own life after years of suffering and discrimination. Based on the knowledge that I gained from Doctors like: Dr. Dan Pompa / Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Gates. I have created a 4 step plan to regain my health and share this experience with others.

Of cause not without a professional by my side to guide the medical part of detoxification.



In Spain the government has realised how serious this illness and its effects are. Spanish activists reached this:

In Germany there is no option for us like the one above mentioned, to escape and live safely. So I will create living space for us in Perlesreut.







Since one of the biggest issues with chemical sensibility is the blocked detoxification of the body, that´s where we start of. We will teach a cellular healing diet, that diet contains loads of vitamins and antioxidants. Combined with indian spices, known for healing. With the help of Margit as natural healer, I have a professional on my side to assist with Biofeedback, natural medicine and many more.






The one thing all MCS patience grave for is "Fresh air".


For good reasons, we can only heal, once we get rid of all the toxins, our body reacts to. That´s what we are told by every specialist. In Germany and far over the globe that leads patients to isolation. Sad fact is, the environment keeps "intoxicating" us. That´s why I came to the conclusion, the woods helps.






Stress is known to aggravate sicknesses. It is absolutely essential for MCS patience to learn how to reduce their stress level. My tools have been Yoga and meditation for a long time. I will hand those tool´s on, to the patients in live practice.






In order to get back to a normal life, one needs a destiny. Lots of MCS patience’s will not be able to do their old Job, in order to maintain their health.

Example: A hairdresser should never work with those chemicals again.

Good news is, we all have more than one ability.  I want them to discover their passion and help them find a way to make a living with it.

With the tools provided by the 21 century it is fortunately a lot easier to build up a business, just think back what act it was back than to maintain your own website... you needed skills.